BTS’s Jin Once Revealed What His True Personality Was Like During A Hidden Camera Prank

This is what Jin is really like.

BTS‘s Jin is known for his kind personality, and he displayed this even when he was a rookie!

During an episode of Rookie King, the BTS members were tasked with doing some strange missions while on an elevator. While the members were doing their missions, a crying woman ended up entering the elevator. However, what the members didn’t know was that it was a hidden camera prank!

Once the woman entered the elevator, most of the members stopped doing their mission.

While most of the members remained relatively silent, Jin was one of the few members who decided to converse with the crying woman, as he asked her if she was having a sad day.


When the woman told him that her boyfriend had just broken up with her, Jin let out a concerned sigh.

Not long after this, Jin was told that everything was just a prank and that the woman was just an actress!

Here’s the full video below!