BTS Jin’s Phone Call With Jungkook Went From Heartwarming To Savage In Just A Few Seconds

Jungkook sure knows how to trigger Jin.

BTS‘s Jin and Jungkook share a special relationship, where sometimes they’re extremely warm towards each other.

Other times, the two are quite the savages to each other.

This also happened during a live broadcast when Jin received a phone call from Jungkook.

Jungkook ended up calling Jin since he wasn’t reading his comments.

At the time, Jin had just returned from filming The Law of The Jungle.

Jungkook was curious about Jin’s experience while in the jungle and asked him if his shoulders performed well, and Jin answered heartwarmingly.

Right after this moment, Jin hilariously “yelled” at Jungkook for constantly asking him why he wasn’t reading his comments for the live broadcast.

Jin then decided to put Jungkook on speakerphone and asked him to give a message to ARMYs watching. However, Jungkook got a little playful and dissed Jin’s broadcast.

Immediately after Jungkook gave his message, Jin seemingly had enough of him.

Here’s the full video below!