“Praying Mantis Jin” Nearly Killed BTS With Laughter

His praying mantis imitation was hilariously accurate.

BTS‘s Jin unleashed his inner insect and his members were not prepared for it.


Jin has a dark history with bugs, to put it mildly. They don’t like him and he really doesn’t like them…


…but he put all that aside for ARMY. After the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, BTS had a BBQ party with Nippon TV. During the party, BTS played a keyword game where they had to send a love message to ARMY using the word they were given.


Some of the keywords were rice scooper…


“abs, and “bath“.


Instead of putting the word in a cheesy sentence, Jin used his entire body. He jumped out of his seat and did this “movement of love”.


Once his members started laughing, they just couldn’t stop.


Thanks to Jin, they kept falling into giggle fits throughout the entire mission, and it’s easy to see why!


Check out the whole hilarious BBQ segment here: