Jin’s Predebut Modeling Photos Prove He Was Always Worldwide Handsome

He modeled for one of the biggest cosmetic companies in Korea.

“Hello, my name’s Jin. I’m Worldwide Handsome, you know?”


This is how BTS‘s Jin charmed all of Britain on the Graham Norton Show. In 2019, his worldwide handsome face can be found on billboards and buses all over the globe, but in 2013 the public was just getting introduced to it.


When Jin was in college, he got street-casted by a representative from Big Hit Entertainment who saw him step off a bus. As a trainee, Jin did some modeling, including for the popular cosmetics company, Etude House Korea.


Etude House Korea tweeted out these promo photos three months before BTS’s debut. They praised Jin’s handsomeness and cheered him on.


Jin also did an in-studio photo session, dressed in jeans and a white button-up.


His hair was natural black and much shorter back then…


…so his famous forehead was on full display!


Jin also took this photo of himself with much longer hair, wearing a dapper suit.


Given the evidence, there’s no denying that Jin was destined to become Worldwide Handsome. He just gets better looking all the time!