Tourists Once Asked To Take Photos With Predebut Jin Just Because He Was Handsome

Jin’s Worldwide Handsome looks earned him fans even before he was famous.

Nowadays, everybody knows Jin is Worldwide Handsome, but his good looks attracted attention long before he joined BTS.


Back in 2011, Jin was just Kim Seokjin, an ordinary student who would soon begin his incredible journey to superstardom.


While visiting Korea for the Jeonju International Film Festival, which was held from April 28 to May 6 that year, a group of friends spotted Jin on the street.


He walked by them about four times before they decided to get his attention.


In English, they asked him if he would pose for photos with them, even though they had no idea who he was. All they knew was that he was cute!


Jin kindly agreed to take a whole bunch of selfies, while wearing casual clothes and snazzy sunglasses.


That same year, another person would spot Jin’s visuals just like these tourists did. That person was a scout from BigHit Entertainment, who happened to see Jin getting off a bus. The scout convinced Jin to audition, and the rest is history!


The girl who tweeted out these photos said that she eventually found out Jin’s identity because her cousin is a BTS fan.


Eight years later, Jin is more handsome than ever, and he’s still as kind-hearted now as he was back then. Like a fine wine, Worldwide Handsome gets better with time!