BTS’s Jin Kept Pushing J-Hope Off Buildings Just To Hear Him Scream

J-Hope learned that you can’t even trust your own team during a game.

In reality, BTS‘s members have each other’s backs, but in the virtual world, betrayal is life. J-Hope learned this lesson when his own teammate turned on him!


In Episode 82 of Run BTS!, BTS competed in virtual reality (VR) games. Jin and J-Hope were on the same team, but you’d never know it based on Jin’s actions. As soon as J-Hope geared up, Jin started plotting with Jimin.


Jimin would have loved to ambush J-Hope, but he couldn’t do it without risking a penalty, since they were on opposite teams. Jin gladly volunteered for the job, then waited for his moment.


Poor J-Hope never saw it coming. Jin shoved him off a virtual building…


…and he went down screaming!


Luckily, that was just the practice round. When the real game started, J-Hope was on the alert for attacks, and rightly so.


Jin waited until J-Hope let his guard down, then he pushed him again!


J-Hope avoided falling at first, but Jin just wouldn’t let him live.


So much for “teamwork”!