BTS Jin’s Relatable Reaction To Meeting Other Celebrities Shows His True Personality

Jin couldn’t hide his down-to-earth response.

BTS has become a household name around the world and has greeted countless ARMYs and fellow celebrities through their concerts, award shows, fan meetings, and promotions. Despite the level of BTS’s fame, Jin showed he still struggles with the reality of being an introvert.

(From left to right) BTS’s RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

BTS’s Jin took fans behind the scenes of his appearance at the Hunt and Emergency Declaration movie premieres in the latest Bangtan Bomb vlog.

BTS’s Jin at the “Hunt” movie premiere | @jin/Instagram

The first premiere shown was for Emergency Declaration, which stars Jin’s close friend, talented actor Kim Nam Gil. The star-studded cast also includes ZE:A‘s Im Siwan, Business Proposal‘s Seol In AhOur Blues and Squid Games‘ Lee Byung Hun, and more.

Backstage, Jin greeted the cast before taking photos on the red carpet. Although the global star has met fellow celebrities many times before, he is still not used to crowds as he expressed how nervous so many people surrounded him.

Being a loyal friend, he pushed through the initial discomfort to support the film and Kim Nam Gil.

As he sat down backstage and the crowds dwindled, he was candid about meeting fellow celebrities at the premiere and shared he was surprisingly starstruck himself.

Although he’s a massive celebrity, Jin hilariously and relatably was excited to see the fellow stars he normally sees on TV. He was grateful they were all so kind to him as he shared how cool the experience was.

He shared he has a hard time meeting fellow celebrities for the first time but finds it easier once they meet again.

His humble and relatable response to interacting with some of Korea’s top movie stars shows Jin’s down-to-Earth personality. His willingness to discard his homebody ways for his friend proves BTS’s oldest member’s loyalty.

| @jin/Instagram

Despite his nerves, he shone in front of the cameras, showing his professionalism as he rehearsed poses before walking to the red carpet.

Once he was done walking the red carpet, he watched the movie and headed home. Reflecting on the event, he heartwarmingly shared he felt more comfortable hearing the cheers from ARMYs at the event.

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