BTS’s Jin Had The Best Response To An ARMY’s Empty Bank Account 

This fans has a struggle all ARMYs can relate to.

If there’s one thing ARMYs should know before joining BTS‘s fandom, it’s this; from now on, your wallet will struggle!


Between CDs, concert tickets, merch, video packages, and the official fanclub membership, being an ARMY isn’t cheap. Every time BTS releases new goodies,  fans squeeze more funds out of their bank accounts, but they don’t mind. Much!


Recently, BTS announced that a new season of their Bon Voyage reality show will be coming soon. The series, available on Weply, costs 22,000 won (approximately $18.99 USD).


After preordering the series, a fan left this super relatable comment on Weverse: “yes yes my bank account is BTS’s now.” 


Jin replied in the most leJINdary way. “Password please,” he wrote.




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