BTS’s Jin Revealed What Kind Of Roles He Would Want As An Actor

Fans could see him cast in this roles, in the future.

Just imagine, a K-Drama starring BTS‘s Jin as the lead. One day, this fantasy may be reality!

Like the rest of BTS, Jin is currently focusing on music and group activities. Following the February 21 release of their new album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, BTS will embark on a new world tour.

Given BTS’s busy schedule and Jin’s upcoming military service, it could be years until Actor Jin makes his debut. In a past radio interview, however, Jin revealed what kind of roles he would like to play someday.

“Personally, I would prefer a role that has distinct characteristics,” he said. “You know, a role that lots of mothers would love.” The show’s DJ suggested a government employee, and J-Hope said a family-oriented drama, but Jin had something else in mind.

He could see himself playing a character who studies well, someone who a mother would be proud of. “You know, like the son of a rich family.”

“You want to be the best son-in-law character that everyone loves and dreams of,” the DJ said, and Jin agreed, saying, “Yes, that kind of character.” 

In the BTS WORLD game, Jin played a character similar to the one he described years ago: a hotelier, who looks after a little girl.

More recently, however, Jin proved that he could slay horror roles too. For BTS’s membership package, Jin played a zombie hunter.

Fans love seeing Jin on stage, but if he ever decides to appear in movies too, they’ll welcome Actor Jin with open arms!