BTS’s Jin Reveals What You Should Expect In “Break The Silence: The Movie”

He told everyone what to look forward to.

After following BTS through the show Break The Silence: Docuseries, the group is preparing something even more special for fans. On September 10, they’ll be releasing the film Break The Silence: The Movie.

Besides dropping a teaser for the film and releasing their latest track “Dynamite”, there wasn’t too much information about it. Thanks to Jin and the group’s interview with Liam McEwan for Radio Disney, fans now have a better idea of what to expect.

Because Liam had been welcomed into the ARMY family, he asked a question that all fans have been wondering, “I was lucky enough to see the show here at the Rosebowl in LA a couple of times, so what can fans expect to see onscreen?

Jin took the lead by poking fun at Jimin‘s scene in the teaser, “We watched it altogether. You can hear some wise words from our members, especially Jimin.” He then went on to reveal the other things to look forward to.

On one side, the movie will show the side of BTS as performers that everyone is familiar with, “You can see us off stage and us enjoying our performances.” On the flip side, there will be a different side for fans to see.

ARMYs will get a better look at how the members spend their free time as individuals. Everyone will be able to see more of what a typical day is like for them, “You can also see how we take our time off while on tour, a glimpse into our daily lives.

With that in mind, fans will be even more excited for the release of the film. Fortunately, it’s not too far away. There are two weeks to go until ARMYs will be taking it all in. Watch Jin drop just a little more information about it here.