BTS’s Jin Reveals How He Got Scouted By Big Hit Entertainment

Jin was just trying to go to school.

There are plenty of K-Pop idols who were scouted in bizarre ways, and BTS‘s Jin is one of these idols.

| Big Hit Entertainment

In a recent interview with Esquire, Jin briefly spoke about how he made his way to Big Hit Entertainment. Jin shared that it all started when he was going to school.

I was just going to school.

— Jin

BTS’s Jin pre-debut

While on his way to school, a person suddenly came up to him. This person ended up being a casting director from Big Hit Entertainment. The casting director then suggested to Jin that they should have a meeting, and the rest is history.

Someone from the company approached me, like, ‘Oh, this is my first time seeing anyone that looked like this.’ He suggested having a meeting with me.”

— Jin

Source: Esquire