BTS’s Jin Reveals That He Once Got “Scolded” By His Mother For A Hilarious Reason

Jin’s mother was being too passionate?

BTS‘s popularity is truly world-class, as they can sell out concerts, regardless of what country they’re performing in or how large the venue is.

However, this was one of the reasons why Jin got hilariously “scolded” by his mother.

Jin & his mother

During a live broadcast, Jin shared that when his family comes to their concerts, they usually tell him where they’re going to be seated.

Jin isn’t the greatest at spotting people in crowds, so he always fails when he tries to find his family members during concerts.

Jin’s mother has “scolded” Jin a couple of times in the past for failing to find her. Jin’s mother would even tell him that she was waving her hands at him.

Jin ended up having to explain to his mother that everyone at concerts tends to act that way and that she ends up blending in with ARMYs due to her behavior.

He also told his mother that she would be easier to spot if she were to just stay still.

Here’s the full video below!