BTS’s Jin Reveals The “Permission To Dance” Choreography Was Made So That Anyone Could Dance Along To It

This song was meant for anyone and everyone!

Recently, BTS made a guest appearance on SBS’s Eight O’Clock News and talked about their Billboard accomplishments and their honest thoughts about life during the COVID-19 pandemic.  In order to bring a bit of positivity and hope during these times, they released their latest track, “Permission to Dance.”

| SBS News

During the interview, the anchor asked Jin that he saw a clip of him complaining to Bang Si Hyuk PD about the choreography getting more difficult. “How about ‘Permission to Dance’? Is it not too difficult?”

| SBS News

To this Jin responded, “The track ‘Permission To Dance’ was made with the intent to have everyone enjoy it together when the pandemic is over, so the choreography is rather easy unlike our other ones, allowing us, seniors, kids, adults in their 20s and 50s to dance along to it.”

ARMYs get ready to bust out some PTD dance moves once the pandemic is over!