BTS’s Jin And RM Once Ditched Practice To Catch Pokemon

Jin told this leJINdary story at a fan meeting.

Pokemon masters gotta catch em’ all, even if they’re world-famous idols in the middle of rehearsal!

When the Pokemon Go app was all the rage, people everywhere were searching the world for virtual Pokemon. Pokemon could be found anywhere and everywhere, even outside the Big Hit Entertainment building!

At a fan meeting, BTS‘s Jin told fans the story of how he and RM left practice to capture a Dragonite.

“When I was practicing choreo with RM last time,” Jin said, off-camera in this clip. “he suddenly went, “Hyung! Over there! Over there! There’s a Dragonite out front!”

“So we ditched practice and went to catch it.” It just had to be done!

Listen to Jin and RM’s Pokemon adventure here: