BTS Just Attempted the Bottle Cap Challenge And V’s Reaction Is Relatable AF

“Tag yourself, I’m Taehyung.”

BTS members Jimin, Jungkook, and V just joined the famous “Bottle Cap Challenge” on Twitter where they attempted to unscrew the cap of a water bottle with one kick.

Fans had a number of different reactions, ranging from admiration…

…to laughing out loud.

It was V though who caught the attention of most ARMYs, firstly because of his cute attempt at the challenge.

Most of all, fans couldn’t stop proclaiming how relatable V was, especially with his reaction to Jungkook’s success.

It was as if he couldn’t believe what he saw.

He definitely had a different expression when it was his turn!

And lastly, ARMYs were ecstatic that Jungkook and V were finally together in a video.

BTS may be on vacation but they’re definitely still making their mark!