What BTS Jin did for this Scottish Fangirl will make you super JEALOUS

One devoted Scottish fan moved from Scotland to South Korea to be closer to BTS, and now her dedication has paid off… with Jin’s kiss!

During an interview with Adele Roberts from BBC Radio1 that was recently aired in the UK, BTS was introduced to a die-hard fan who moved from Scottland to Seoul to be an A.R.M.Y.

Her name was Stephanie, and she recorded this sweet message for the members of BTS, showing her mad love towards them.

“I love you guys so much, you guys have no idea. You guys are just amazing. Especially Jin! (Blows kisses)”

— Stephanie Fairfield

Upon receiving the sweet message, BTS decided to record a message in response to her, and Jin decided to blow kisses right back at her.

“Hey Stephanie, You want my hand kiss? (blows kisses) ”

— BTS Jin

Stephanie is a truly a lucky fan, as she ended up getting the kisses blown by all the BTS members.

Of course, she was ecstatic when she received the sweet video message from BTS, and she literally could not believe it.

Watch the video below:

Source: Korea Joong-Ang Daily