BTS’s Jin Selects The Big Hit Artists That Would Complete His Hip-Hop Subunit

Soobin and Jimin were 100% behind his picks.

In the behind-the-scenes video of Big Hit Entertainment‘s group photoshoot, Lee Hyun stepped into the role of MC for a fun interview segment.

With his fancy microphone and assorted cue cards, he asked BTS‘s Jin what kind of subunit he’d be interested in creating. It turns out that he already had an idea of what it would be.

He wanted nothing but the best for his subunit. Without hesitation, Jin proudly stated, “Me? I want the best rappers from each team.” Although that’s what he’d had in mind, his choices were far from what anyone would’ve expected. He didn’t choose anyone who officially held the position of a rapper.

As they patiently waited, the first artist Jin chose was “Lee Hyun of Team Lee Hyun.” Not forgetting to include himself in his own subunit, he referred to himself in the third person. Wanting to add another BTS member, Jin added the one beside him.

He selected Jimin, making him lower his head as he chuckled. To spice it up and have at least one member from every Big Hit group, Jin then picked TXT‘s Soobin as the fourth “rapper.”

Upon hearing his own name, Soobin began to crack up. With Jin’s group complete, he decided that his team of rappers had to be a hip-hop group. Jimin wasn’t opposed to the idea, saying, “Sounds good to me.”

If you ever wondered what kind of subunit Jin would create, you might not have been expecting this. Watch him select the ultimate Big Hit rapper squad here. What do you think their name would be?