BTS’s Jin Was Willing To Wait Until The End Of Time For A Selfie

Jin wasn’t about to let anybody leave his handsomeness hanging.

BTS‘s Jin is always up for sharing his Worldwide Handsomeness with the world — no matter how long it takes!


Jin is a living, breathing, work of art. Beauty like his is meant to be shared…


…and immortalized in photos. Jin knows this. Fans know this. J-Hope, however, seems to have missed the memo!


In an episode of Bon Voyage 4, Jin struck a pose when J-Hope took out his phone. Jin waited patiently, not realizing that J-Hope was just using his phone to fix his hair.


“Who has the camper van’s key?” J-Hope asked, not noticing that his hyung had turned into a statue beside him.


When J-Hope finally noticed Jin, he was totally confused. “What are you doing…?” he asked.


Jin’s answer made him burst out laughing!

Jin: I’ve been posing like this.
J-Hope: (laughing) Are you serious? I was using it as a mirror though.
Jin: Yeah, the whole time.


Worldwide Handsome has never missed a photo op, and he’s not about to start now!