BTS’s Jin Shared His Uncommon Food Allergy, ARMYs Convinced He’s A Vampire

“I knew it, I knew it! He’s Count Dracula!”

With his Weverse update, BTS‘s Jin revealed that he might be allergic to garlic and ARMYs are now 300% convinced that it’s because he is most definitely a vampire!

On Weverse, Jin wrote, “I got tested for allergies because I was itching everywhere.”

I got tested for allergies because I was itching everywhere on my body. The doctor shared a shocking diagnosis, telling me to cut down on garlic. What menu could I possibly eat that doesn’t include garlic…?

— Jin

While ARMYs do feel sorry for Jin’s mild garlic allergy… they can’t help but think he had it coming. Since when can vampires stand garlic, right?

I must have been Dracula in my past life.

— Jin

ARMYs, who have long been supporting the “Jin as Vampire” concept, are now absolutely sure it’s true:

Jin might really be that sexy vampire.