BTS Jin Shares Why You Shouldn’t Eat A Salad To Lose Weight… And His Logic Will Surprise You

His logic does make sense…

In a recent live broadcast, BTS‘s Jin shared that he didn’t understand why people eat salad when on a diet.


Jin argued that eating a salad as a diet does not make sense, and his reasoning will surprise you.

Jin: The biggest animal on earth is the elephant. What does the elephant eat?

Jimin: Vegetables.

Jin: See? You can gain weight from vegetables too. You need to have a balanced diet.

Jimin: I didn’t expect to hear this.

Jin: We can’t lose weight by just eating salad.

| Jung Yeon-Je/AFP via Getty Images

RM responded to his logic saying “we could lose more [weight] than eating [non-salad foods],” to which Jin laughed and agreed. You win some and you lose some I guess.