BTS Jin’s Fashion “Mishap” Proves Once Again Why He’s Called “Worldwide Shoulders”

He can practically carry the entire world on them.

In honor of the 7th anniversary of their debut, BTS held their online “Bang Bang Con” as thanks to their fans. As usual, all seven members were dressed to the nines.

All of the members’ outfits seemed well-fitting and unchanging. However, somewhere throughout the concert, fans noticed a change in Jin‘s shirt in a very predictable place.

Fans believe that the shirt was intact at the beginning of the concert and that it must’ve ripped due to a combination of Jin’s broad shoulders and his energetic dancing. Others say it was an intentional tear, done by a stylist or maybe even Jin himself. However, what fans do know is that’s not how the shirt is sold initially:

Source: The Handsome online store

The shirt Jin was wearing—featured above—is from a collection they did in partnership with The Handsome. It costs $243 and runs standard sizes, though maybe not for Jin, who can make any of his members look tiny next to him.

In fact, Jin’s shoulders have become so iconic over the years that they’ve even earned him the nickname of “shoulder gangster” by ARMY. Jin has also reported himself that they measure 58cm wide or roughly 23inches. That’s almost two feet wide.

There have been reports that BTS’s stylists have to do additional work for Jin’s clothes due to his broad shoulders. It was revealed that, despite how tiny he is otherwise, that he needs to wear a size 2XL shirt to accommodate just how wide they are. Even then, tailoring might still be necessary, especially to get him into formal wear for award shows, and even then, it’s easy to see just how broad his shoulders are.

Regardless of what the cause was for the tear, there’s no denying that Jin—quite literally—pulled it off well, and worked hard to put on a fantastic show for ARMY.

Source: Sports Seoul