BTS’s Jin Becomes The Dance Leader In The Latest Episode Of “Run BTS!”

There’s a new dance king in BTS!

In episode 134 of Run BTS!, BTS continued with their “Workshop Special” and put their knowledge of the group’s choreography to the test!

The first round of the game was called “Guess my dance moves.” A staff member would appear on the screen dancing to one of the group’s songs, and whoever correctly identified which track it was would get the point!

Before the game even started, RM had high hopes for their main dancer, J-Hope!

Surprisingly, while J-Hope failed to pick up many points, a member shocked the group and was the clear star of the game, and that person was Jin!

The first clip showcased a staff member dressed in black going round in a simple circle attempting to imitate one of BTS’s songs.

Despite the member’s confusion, Jin seemed to figure out the puzzle in a mere few seconds, realizing that this was meant to resemble their hit song “IDOL.”

It was only when two videos were put together that it seemed more clear, even if they looked very different!

Fans were then treated to an updated snippet of the choreography from Jin!

From that moment, it seemed like Jin was on a roll getting question after question right guessing tracks like “Boy With Luv” and “DNA.” There were even moments where Jin was surprised at how well he was doing and how he was way ahead of his other members.

The other members only managed to grab a point here and there, whereas Jin continued to shine. He seemed to summon all of his brainpower to identify the songs, even when the moves were so subtle that it almost seemed impossible to guess.

With another point on the board, the members needed to find some explanation for Jin’s brilliance at the game! J-Hope seemed to find the answer explaining that Jin was “relating himself to the staff.” Jungkook added that it was because the staff danced how he practices in rehearsal!

By the time Jin had reached six points, there was no denying that he was the King of this game. He even had some advice for his members on how they can improve!

With Jin as the clear winner of the round, Jimin decided that J-Hope was no longer qualified to be the BTS dance leader and should step down in his role.