BTS’s Jin Revealed The Struggles From Their Early Days

They’ve come a long way—in more ways than one.

Although BTS is now one of the biggest groups in the world, they had a tough road at the beginning, as many groups do. Looking back on those times, Jin shared some of their struggles.

Wanting to know more about BTS’s road to success, the host of News9 asked the group about their “difficult times in early days.” Jin dived into some of their experiences.

Touching on a situation that many fans are familiar with, Jin recalled the unwelcome dorm guests they tried their best to get rid of. He said, “There were times when we had to catch fruit flies with a vacuum cleaner because a banana went bad in the dorm, and there were too many fruit flies.

Staying on the topic of food, Jin remembered the times where they couldn’t afford to eat more than one dish, expressing gratitude for the success that later came. Jin added, “Sometimes we had to eat only chicken breasts. But I feel fortunate that we got good results now.

Thanks to the hard work they put in, Jin shared that they can now eat pricier meals whenever they fancy. He said, “But now I can eat what I want. If I want to eat two pieces of beef steak, I can do that.

From struggling to being ridiculed for their dreams, BTS proved all the haters wrong and became a record-breaking group.

Those rough times served as fuel to earn their expensive real estate and high-quality meals, while still remaining humble by often forgetting they’re rich.

Watch Jin shared some of their struggles before they became successful.