Suga Tried To Trick Jin Into An Alliance, But Jin Was One Step Ahead

Suga couldn’t deceive Jin during a game.

BTS‘s Jin and Suga can make an incredible team…when they feel like it.


It was every man for himself in the latest episode of Run BTS!. The members searched for consonants and vowels to form words they could exchange for stickers. They had to stick those stickers on their assigned opponent’s back.


As usual, betrayals and deceptions ran rampant. Every friend was a potential foe, but that didn’t stop Suga from trying to form an alliance with Jin.


An alliance with Suga? After this sneak attack? The audacity!


Jin wasn’t having it, but Suga tried to convince him anyway. If Jin let him slap his back full of stickers, Suga promised to split the prize with him.


From the start, Jin had no intention teaming up, but he listened to this villainous mastermind and let him believe otherwise.


Suga’s plan crumbled the second he lied to Jin, saying was his real target. Plot twist! V couldn’t possibly be Suga’s target because he was already Jin’s target.


Oh well, nobody can blame him for trying!


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