Jin And Suga Had A Hilarious Chance Encounter On Their Way To Work

Jin told this story about himself and Suga to fans.

BTS‘s Jin shared an anecdote that perfectly sums up his friendship with his polar opposite, Suga.


Jin is theatrical, boisterous, and hyperbolic. Suga is blunt, logical, and hilariously practical. They have very different personalities, but those differences couldn’t be more complementary — or amusing!


On October 1, a fan wrote this post about Suga’s Weverse replies: “The one person who really likes Yoongi-oppa’s sharp, realistic comments? Me, me!!” 


In reply, Jin shared a story about his own experiences with Suga’s barbed comments. “I was biking to work three days ago,” he wrote. “and I bumped into Yoongi, who was biking in from the other direction.” 


At first, Jin didn’t recognize Suga.

Yoongi waved, there was no one around, so I wondered who he was and if I should wave back.

— Jin


“I thought maybe his arm was injured,” he continued. “and then I got a text [from him] asking why I bike like an uncle.” 


Well, Suga’s not wrong. Is he?