BTS’s Jin and Suga Unintentionally Rented a Fishing Boat Made for 70 Passengers

Their fishing excursion turned unexpectedly bougie.

BTS recently released a video of Jin and Suga‘s vacation where they decided to go fishing together.

Jin explained, “It’s 2 in the morning, and I came here with Suga to go fishing.

He continued, “We’re going to set out on a boat. The boat suddenly got bigger. It got upgraded to a boat made for 70 passengers.

Jin also added, “We’ve been trying to gather people for 2 weeks now. Isn’t this boat made for fishing for tuna?

He couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Jin revealed that he rented the place with Suga, but that it was a lot bigger than they expected.

Despite the unexpected circumstances, Jin proceeded to fish for croakers, and the two even put on an eating show on the boat for all their fans.

They all looked tired, but Jin expressed, “It’s still only 9 in the morning, but that was a successful morning.

Check out the full adventure below:

Source: Dispatch