BTS’s Jin Reveals How Suga Roped Him And Jungkook Into Appearing In “Daechwita”

Jungkook didn’t think that’s quite how it happened.

Not only did Agust D surprise everyone by dropping his mixtape D-2, but two of the BTS members made an unexpected appearance in his “Daechwita” music video.

While Suga rapped charismatically, Jungkook and Jin fought in the background over a funny misunderstanding.

Although it was a small scene, it made a significant impact for fans. Since they’d want to know how the appearance came about, Jin gave his explanation of it in the shooting sketch for the video.

Still dressed in their outfits and on set, Jungkook and Jin talked about their acting roles. Not beating around the bush, Jin got straight to the point, “Yoongi begged us to be in this.” Jungkook didn’t quite agree.

A huge smile appeared on Jungkook’s face at the seemingly made-up explanation. Jin claimed Suga desperately wanted them to appear, begging with his hands, “He was like, ‘Please be in it. Please, just once.'”

Based on Jungkook’s reaction and knowing Suga, that’s most likely not what happened at all. Even so, it was just as funny to see. Jin makes his own rules, after all.

Watch Jin give his explanation for their surprise appearance in Suga’s video here.