BTS Jin Thanked Their Seniors For Paving The Way

He made sure to thank the seniors who helped pave the road for them.

During BTS‘s comeback showcase for Map of the Soul: Persona, Jin credited all the seniors in the industry for the success they see in their careers now.

He said that the reason they can stand where they are now is not just random, but because the seniors who paved the way for them.

We are standing here thanks to the road laid by many artists who came before us.

Jin says that they didn’t appear out of nowhere and that their seniors allowed them an avenue to succeed.

He noted that BTS have and continue to feel pressure, but they overcome it by working hard and making good music.

He made sure to thank the fans for continuously supporting them.

Fans can’t help but appreciate how humble Jin is! Even if they are one of the most prominent K-Pop groups, he still made sure to give credit where credit was due.