BTS’s Jin Has Gone From “Third One From The Left” To “Third One From The Right”

Everybody wanted to know who the the “third one from the right” was.

BTS‘s Jin has added a new nickname to his list: “Third One From The Right”!


At the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Jin received special attention from the general public just for being so handsome. After seeing this group photo, everyone kept asking who the “third one from the left” was.


Now, he’s gone from being the “third on the left” to being the “third one on the right”! It happened after BTS took a group photo with Heidi Gardner when they appeared on Saturday Night Live. 


Heidi Gardner posted this photo on Instagram, captioned: “BTS 4 EVA @bts.bighitofficial thank you for blowing my mind.”


After seeing it, netizens left dozens of comments about the “third one from the right”.


Whether he’s “Third One From The Left” or “Third One From The Right”, everybody loves the one and only Jin!