BTS Jin Trends In Korea After Showing Up To The Airport In Full Hanbok

BTS’s Jin’s fashion at the airport caught everybody’s attention and he looks absolutely adorable!

On November 28, BTS members arrived at the Incheon airport for Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong.

Fans witnessed something truly unique, as Jin came out dressed completely in Hanbok!

Jin’s unique outfit immediately grabbed the media’s  attention, as he went straight to the front page of the portal website.

Fans are going wild about it on the internet as well.

Jin’s tweet suggests that it was a part act for an upcoming episode of their internet broadcasting show Run BTS!.

“Come here. Please look forward to ‘Dalbang’.”

Because he looks go fine in Hanbok, fans believe that Jin should be cast as the main character in a historical Korean drama.

Fans will have to wait to watch Run BTS! to find out what inspired Jin to wear Hanbok.

Check out Jin’s airport fashion pictures below:


Source: YTN