BTS Jin and V release their Hwarang OST, Even if I die, it’s you

BTS‘s Jin and V recently released their OST, Even if I die, it’s you, from the new historical drama Hwarang.

Jin and V have shown off their amazing vocal abilities in their first ever OST, Even if I die, it’s you. The OST has received massive amounts of praise from ARMYs all over the world. The other members of BTS also praised their fellow members on their OST, showing just how supportive they are towards one another. The praise isn’t likely to end for V, as he has finally made his acting debut in the drama.  His character, Han Sung Rang, seems to be a reflection of his personality, and many are excited to see V’s acting abilities.

BTS’ Rap Monster recommended Even if I die, it’s you and tagged it #RMusic, which is a playlist of songs he recommends for ARMYs.

Jimin posted a video of the song being played on the show with the caption, “The song is coming out! Tae Tae and Jin hyung’s voices.

Jin went on to give his thanks in the tweet and said “Thank you for listening to our voices often. ㅠㅠ- Jin.”

Listen to the song below!