The Story Behind An Old “Fight” Between BTS’s Jin And V

Three years later, fans finally know what happened, and why.

BTS are like brothers. They support each other, love each other … and fight over nothing for absolutely no reason.

In the past, Jin revealed the whole story behind a silly “fight” he and V had back in 2017, when a fan asked him to explain his old tweets. “What does ‘breaking up/cutting ties’ mean?,” the fan asked.

On April 23, 2017, V uploaded this selfie of himself and Jin while BTS was in Thailand for The Wings Tour…and Jin wasn’t pleased about it!

Jin replied with two comments. “No..that’s too much–“, followed by, “cutting ties”. He basically disowned V, at least for the day.

Despite “breaking up”, Jin and V were seen wearing matching airport outfits the very next day!

“We fought, saying I wore it first,” he explained. “and we told each other to take them off.” 

It turns out that they were both too stubborn to change, so their famous “twin” outfits were born!