BTS Jin’s Visual At The Saudi Arabia Concert Was The Epitome Of #NoFilterNeeded

He doesn’t ever need that Photoshop.

After a successful concert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, BTS returned to Korea. While the show has long been over, ARMYs continue to marvel at pictures and videos from the blissful night.


And of all the visually pleasing contents taking over the internet, Jin‘s non-edited pictures from a fan site are going extra viral for their breathtaking quality.


The fan site commented, “Jin does not need any editing” and shared close-to-original photos of him from the concert.

Jin doesn’t need much editing, other than a few lighting adjustments. His skin is near perfect.

— Twitter @haru130613_


In fact, the pictures uploaded by the fan site are prime examples of what #NoFilterNeeded means.


Jin looks absolutely breathtaking in his blue bandana…


… and boasts glowing, flawless skin like he always manages to do so!


ARMYs are, yet again, left to agree 200% with his rightfully earned title, Worldwide Handsome Jin.


Watch Jin’s highly praised performance of “Epiphany” in Riyadh below: