BTS Jin’s Voice Is So Holy Netizens Wonder If He Was Ever In The Church Choir

May he bless us with his voice!

With the recent release of BTS Jin’s “Yours” OST for the tvN K-Drama Jirisan, a past online community post about Jin’s vocals resurfaced online.

Last year, a netizen wondered if Jin was ever in the church choir, after listening to his pure and holy voice.


| Nate Pann

Title of post: Was BTS’s Jin ever in the church choir?

Post message: His voice is so holy…when I listen to it I become devotional and get teary-eyed.


Netizens agreed with the post about Jin’s voice as well.

  • “His face is already holy but even his voice is too!”
  • “I’m not even a fan but I love his voice too.”
  • “I was shocked after hearing his lower register in ‘Blue & Grey’.”
  • “I totally understand what you mean. I feel like I’m becoming holy when I listen to his voice.”

If you haven’t listened to the OST yet, take a listen to Jin’s heavenly voice!

Source: nate pann


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