BTS’s Jin Wanted To Cut Ties But Jimin Wouldn’t Let That Happen

Just how cute are these two?

BTS’s Jin has a cute way of wanting to cut or break ties with someone.

Jin is known for putting his index fingers together to signal that he wants to cut ties with someone when he is annoyed.

This gesture shows just how adorable and child-like Jin is in his way of playing around with the other members.

Recently, a video of the members surprising Jin with a cake for his birthday was posted online. After being played around by Jimin, Jin signaled with his fingers letting him know that it was over.

But Jimin didn’t want to cut ties with his hyung and kissed his fingers instead!

This is nothing new for these two as they both are pros at being cute. Jin is always being a baby around Jimin, and Jimin is always there to give him a kiss to make things better!

And honestly, Jin may be the oldest but we all know he is BTS’s baby!

Watch the full video below!

Source: theqoo