BTS’s Jin Wasn’t For It But J-Hope Confidently Expressed His Love For Mint Chocolate Chip

Are you a mint chocolate chip fan?

BTS’s Jin, V, and J-Hope sat down together for a fun interview with Baskin Robbins Korea and revealed their favorite ice cream flavors. BTS is known for having very specific tastes when it comes to ice cream, with some members totally against certain flavors.

Jin revealed his favorite ice cream flavors first, choosing 쫀떡궁합 (jjondduk goonghap), Wizard’s Halloween, and Shooting Star as his best picks.

V was up next and chose Almond Bong Bong, My Mom is an Alien, Cookies & Cream, and Gone with the Wind.

When it came to J-Hope’s turn, he looked around at the other members as he chose mint chocolate chip.

As he said those words, Jin shouted, “I’m leaving now!~” showing just how much he was against this flavor.

J-hope, however, continued to reveal his list, choosing Green Tea and My Mom is an Alien as his favorites.

J-Hope continued to confidently express his love for mint chocolate chip, while Jin shook his head, not understanding how someone could like mint chocolate chip!

J-Hope continued his speech about mint chocolate chip, admitting that when buying a set, he always chooses two cups of mint chocolate chip and one green tea.

Jin’s thoughts came out his mouth as he said, “You really have the worst taste!”

But what fans thought was funny about this was that one of the flavors that Jin chose as his favorite (Wizard’s Halloween) actually had mint flavor in it too!

What about ARMYs? Are you a mint chocolate advocate like J-Hope or totally against it like Jin?