A BTS Fan Has Something That Belongs To Jin, And He Wants It Back

He cutely reached out to gamer ARMYs for help.

What’s in a name? A heck of a lot, if it happens to be Jin of BTS!

In addition to being part of Jin’s identity, his name is his lucky charm. Whenever he names his Run BTS! team “Team Kim Seokjin”, they win games…

(…or not?)

On Weverse, a fan expressed regret for not choosing to be “ARMY” in a “Bangtan Village” in the game Animal Crossing. In response, Jin shared his own username regrets.

“Whenever I play MapleStory, I wonder why I didn’t choose “BTSJin” for my username,” he wrote. “Whoever has “BTSJin”, give it to me, please.”

“At least give me ‘Seokjinnie’, please,” he added. “It seems like you don’t play [MapleStory] anyway.” 

Hopefully, this player, whoever they are, will surrender the username BTSJin to the one and only BTS Jin!