Here’s What BTS’s Jin Will Do With The Surprise Cash He Got From His Aunt

He’s going to make good use of it!

In his latest live broadcast series Eat Jin, BTS‘s Jin shared the cutest story about his recent visit to the countryside to see his family!


Jin stated his cousins, his brother and he went to visit his aunt.

Recently, I went to the countryside and saw my aunt. Everyone around my age was there, including my brother.

— Jin


Excited to see the family members gathered, his aunt began handing out cash allowances to everyone.

She started handing out cash like, ‘Here’s money for you, here’s money for you…’ to everyone.

— Jin


When it came to Jin’s turn though, his aunt hesitated for a second – as Jin is already a Worldwide Handsome superstar that makes tons of money – but eventually gave him some cash too!

She looked at my face and paused… But she decided I get some too, so she said, ‘Fine, you can have some too!’ So I’m grateful for that. Thank you auntie for the cash.

— Jin


Jin pointed out that he’ll keep the allowance safe in his bank account, before he splurges it on a game cash items.

It’s safe in my account. I’m going to save it until I need it to buy things when I play Maple Story.

— Jin


ARMYs found this particular window into Jin’s life off the stage quite adorable. It seems, to the loving aunties, it doesn’t matter if the “kids” are rich AF. The babies are always babies!