BTS’s Jin Proves He Can Make Anything Look Good By Rocking One Of Louis Vuitton’s Most Unusual Designs

This is proof he can make ANYTHING look good!

If he hadn’t become a global superstar, BTS‘s Jin could’ve used his mind-blowing visuals and ability to pull off any outfit to become a supermodel!

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Recently, Vogue Korea uploaded a video of BTS modeling Louis Vuitton outfits. The video was a teaser for the special Vogue Korea and GQ Korea collaboration issue, which will be released in January.

All the members looked incredible in their outfits!

According to Dispatch, Jin received lots of attention from netizens for rocking his unique outfit exceptionally well. In the teaser video, Jin was decked out in…

A sleeping bag!

Jin wore the 2054 Heat Reactive Sleeping Bag in the teaser video. The Louis Vuitton website describes this item as a “spectacular piece” that “combines a goose feather puffer jacket with a functional sleeping bag, which can also be worn as a backpack.” 

| Louis Vuitton

The price of the sleeping bag/coat is unknown. It’s likely very expensive because the Louis Vuitton website instructs people interested in buying the unusual coat to “call for inquiry.”

The model on Louis Vuitton’s website showed what the strange sleeping bag coat looks like when it’s fully zipped. He also wore the coat’s hood on his head.

Netizens believed that Jin’s styling of the sleeping bag coat was much better than how the coat was styled on the Louis Vuitton website.

While the Louis Vuitton model showed off how the coat looks fully zipped up, Jin left it unzipped.

Although he only appeared in the coat for a few seconds, Jin’s appearance caught netizens’ attention! Dispatch reported that one netizen said, “When Jin wears it, it’s just pretty.”  Another netizen said, “It felt like a cabbage worm, but he won everything with his face.” 

Jin managed to make the sleeping bag coat look more visually appealing simply by leaving the coat unzipped and not wearing his hood. This styling decision made the coat look a little less strange while giving Jin’s gorgeous visuals a chance to take center stage!

Source: Dispatch

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