BTS Jin’s World Class Manners Captured In “Run BTS” Has ARMYs Swooning Over Him

Could he be any more perfect?

BTS‘s Jin does indeed have everything – the looks, the talent, and even the manners. In a recent episode of Run BTS!, Jin was captured thanking the staff for food – and what he said in gratitude now has ARMYs swooning over him all over again!


In episode 85 of Run BTS!, as BTS were coming to indulge themselves in a hearty BBQ party after a long fun-filled day at the waterfront, the staff were busy cooking and grilling the food for the members.


As Jin went up to the grill to get himself some meat, he proceeded to make small talk with the staff at work.

Jin: Thank you, is it ready to eat?
Staff: Yeah, it’s ready for you to enjoy.


With the staff’s OK to dig in, Jin took a moment to share his gratitude – for the staff’s hard work that went into getting the BBQ ready for the members – in the most heartfelt way…

Oh wow, I’m honored.

— Jin


… and ARMYs are pleasantly surprised by how simply “good” Jin’s nature is.

I’m going to really enjoy this meal!

— Jin


Rather than taking the meal for granted, Jin noticed the effort of those who made the feast possible. And by voicing his gratitude right then and there, Jin made sure that the staff knew his work was absolutely 100% appreciated!

Shows how he must have been raised and educated! He has quite the manners.

— Netizen


While brief, this encounter between Jin and the staff is motivating ARMYs to do the same – by always being grateful and more so by sharing that appreciation right away.

Jin teaches me something everyday. This got me reflecting on how I react to other people’s efforts.

— Netizen


Watch Jin’s “Manners Maketh Man” moment here:

Source: THEQOO