BTS’s Jin Is Worldwide Handsome, We Know, But He Is Also Worldwide This

One of Jin’s many adorable traits.

BTS‘s Jin, like his nickname Worldwide Handsome suggests, has visuals that could stop time and space. The thing is though, despite what his flawless appearance would lead us to believe, he is not perfect. Jin is also a Worldwide Scaredy-Cat and it’s possibly the cutest thing you’ll learn about him.


Jin, the purest of souls, is much vulnerable and is easily frightened by the smallest things. While he can lead a stadium – Wembley sized stadium – full of people to sing and dance along with him, he also couldn’t possibly dare to confront a dragonfly. No, that would be too lethal…

Thank goodness Suga was there to save him from the wings of wrath on that dragonfly!


… as would a smol Earthly critters like the bush cricket be. Note how the brave-heart WJSN‘s Cheng Xiao is casually holding quite a sizable cricket barehanded, while Jin almost loses his mind over the thought of its existence in the universe.


That’s not all – Jin is also extra fragile when it comes to bubbles, created from the most dangerous ingredients of soap and water. Surely, these two things are what Jin must use everyday to have his face clean up that nicely. Regardless, bubbles are heckin’ dangerous for Worldwide Scaredy-cat Jin.


Jin is also very sensitive to doors opening or closing loudly. This particular door popped unlocked with a very loud (-not) buzzer which might have been more than enough to assassinate Jin right then and there.


And of course, Jin is rightfully horrified of things that we all do rationally fear; zombies…


Large fires…


… and gunshots.


But behold – of them all, Jin is most severely terrified of marine creatures that often have no intention of harming him in anyway. You may want to turn your volume up for the cutest “Ooooh-ayyyuuuuuhwhoaaaa” in the history of K-Pop.


Have you dropped all your UWUs yet? In case you haven’t, here’s Jin shocking himself with his own too-unreal-of-a-face. Oh, how we absolutely love this Worldwide Scaredy-Cat!

Source: THEQOO