BTS Jin’s College Professor Admits His Reason For Missing Class Was Truly World-Class Status

A world class star at its finest.

An online community board post gained attention as the story of BTS Jin’s college days resurfaced among fans. It is known that Jin debuted as BTS while he was a college student at Konkuk University. A story about Jin’s personality in school was posted by a user whose father was Jin’s professor in university.

They revealed that Jin was a very polite and well-mannered student who asked many questions about the subject or tests and always texted the professor in regards to his schedule or reasons for why he had to miss class.

Jin also always texted the professor first asking when it would be a good time to call before he actually made the physical call, revealing his polite manners.

In regards to group projects, Jin requested if he could do an alternative project instead so that he wouldn’t be a burden to the other members of the group due to his busy schedule.

The poster also felt that Jin was very sociable because he was always good at reacting to the professor’s stories and also prepared signed albums for him with a genuine and thoughtful message inside.

He would also miss at least one class every week due to his busy schedule, but he never missed sending a text to let him know that he couldn’t make it and apologized for his absence. The professor revealed that he was the most shocked and happy at his attitude of always trying to make it to class when he could.

The professor also admitted that one of Jin’s reasons for missing class was truly world-class status and will always be a text he will remember. The text read:

Hello professor this is BTS’s Jin. I am currently in Hong Kong to perform at the Mnet MAMA and will not be able to make it to class. I am very sorry.

The poster remembers even seeing Jin in their father’s class one time and saw how proud their father was of having Jin in his class. Although he didn’t show it much, he truly did enjoy having Jin in his class and was happy to see him always trying hard. The poster thanked Jin for gifting their father a special memory during his time there.