Hardcore ARMYs Rent Boat To Stalk Jin Into The Jungle

BTS Jin‘s popularity is soaring through the roof, and he confirmed it by sharing an example of how far some fans went to follow him around.

On February 23, BTS’s Jin starred on Mnet‘s New Yang Nam Show and gave the audience a glimpse into how popular he really is.

The MC Jang Do Yeon asked the members of BTS if they knew the extent of their own popularity and J-Hope was quick to chime in.

“Whenever we go to Sinsa’s Garosu-gil, Japanese fans often recognize us. When that happens, we realize we do indeed have international fans.”

— J-Hope

Jin then followed J-Hope’s story with a story of his own about an encounter with international fans he had when he went to the jungle to film Laws of the Jungle. There, several international fans followed him to the jungle by hiring a boat. He explained that the dedication of their fans said everything about BTS’s international popularity.

Watch the segment here:

Source: Dispatch