BTS Jin’s Mindset And Personality Helped Shape And Influence RM Into Who He Is Today

We love an influential king.

BTS’s Jin is known as the oldest member of the group and is known for always making jokes and creating a comfortable atmosphere for everyone. Behind his fun personality, he also works twice as hard to become better at his craft so as not to become a burden for others. While other groups usually have the oldest member as the leader, BTS’s leader is RM, who is actually two years younger than Jin.

In a past video, RM admits that it was hard to understand Jin as a person because they were so different. While both members work unbelievably hard to better themselves, the way they went through the process was different. While RM believes that one must always work hard, Jin tries to make the best of it and have a good time through the process.

RM states that it took him a very long time to understand Jin and his ways. But after understanding Jin, he was able to see things in a different perspective. He realized that he didn’t have to mold himself into the image and standards that people have set up for him and that he should enjoy his journey throughout life without being so competitive and hard-working all the time.

When Jin told RM, “The only person who should know your efforts is yourself,” RM was deeply influenced and moved by Jin’s words that he used this phrase in their song, “All Night.”

Jin confessed to RM that he used other people to make himself happy. By making others laugh, he is able to be happy too.

Later at a concert, RM told ARMYs, “Please use me. Please use BTS to love yourself.” It seems as if he was influenced by Jin’s words and was able to put it into action.

When we see stories about Jin influencing the other members, it really shows just how deep and sincere Jin is as a person. There are so many things we all can learn from Jin and we are so happy that he is a part of BTS and always making us smile and love ourselves.