BTS Jin’s Pink Jacket Becomes A Staple Piece In Big Hit’s Vocal Room

This has become a staple piece to the vocal room’s interior design.

BTS Jin’s jacket that he bought at the pop-up store in the fall of 2019 has suddenly become a staple piece of interior in the Big Hit Entertainment vocal room used by their artists.

Pink really does seem to be his color!

Big Hit previously also showed what items the members bought at the pop-up store and you can see in Jin’s that he bought the pink jacket along with a few other items such as the hat and the mini figures.

The room that this pink jacket was found in was the vocal rooms that were provided by Big Hit that was separate from their recording studio.

In Suga’s birthday live stream on March 8, 2020, we can see the pink jacket behind Suga with the tag still on it.

We see it again during Jimin’s live stream on March 26.

And again during Jin’s ‘Eat Jin’ live stream on April 8.

It continues to stay in its spot on the chair even during V’s live stream on April 23.

It was seen moved on top of the speakers during Jimin’s YouTube live stream.

It is seen back on the chair during Suga and RM’s radio session selfie on May 3.

Most recently, the pink jacket was spotted once again in a selfie taken by TXT’s Taehyun on May 3.

Fans have gotten so used to seeing the pink jacket in live streams and photos that they might actually be sad when it actually disappears, possibly this winter when Jin needs his jacket again.

Fans revealed the reason behind the pink jacket being left in the room and the story is actually quite funny!

Maybe we will see Jin wearing the pink jacket again once it gets a bit chilly outside again!