BTS Jin’s Positive Influence Helped Shape Who The Members Are Today

Jin takes care of the groups’ mental health.

BTS‘s Jin, who is also the oldest member of the group, seems to always have an outwardly fun and outgoing appearance at first. But after getting to understand him more, it becomes evident that his image goes much deeper than his corny dad jokes. Although he is the oldest, he is not the leader of the group and does not use his age as an advantage towards the other members. Jin’s personality shines through various broadcasts as he is always seen uplifting and bringing a positive influence to the members.

J-Hope: I wonder if I could even be here if it weren’t for being a part of BTS…

Jin: You would have succeeded no matter what you did.

Jimin: I wish I could sing well.

Jin: Jimin you are perfect.

“Dreams such as going to perform at the Dome or ranking number one on the Billboard chart are all great. But my dream is to perform and do music with these great guys for a long time.”

Jin: I may look like I’m happy because I’m goofing around, but honestly I’m just using the other person so that I can be happy. I am happier seeing the other person laugh.

RM: I’m sad that I couldn’t get my earpiece in right.

Jin: I heard RM and he did really well. I truly respect our leader.

Fans who saw this post were touched at how considerate and caring Jin was.

We all love our worldwide handsome Jin!