BTS Jin’s Solo Song “Tonight” Used As BGM For MBC Show

Fans think the song is perfect for this show.

MBC recently released the pilot teaser for their new show No Matter How Long I Look At You, You’re Beautiful. The show follows celebrities petsit other celebrities pets to see whether they are capable of having their own pets.

The show will feature the daily lives of pet owners – not just young and healthy pets, but also pets with disabilities and are growing old.

The teaser has garnered special attention for two reasons. One reason is for the cute illustrations of animals and an owner and their pets.

The other reason is because of the background music used in the trailer.

ARMYs were quick to realize that they had used BTS‘s Jin‘s song “Tonight” for the trailer. The trailer features the phrase, “I close my eyes and think of only happy memories,” and fans agree that Jin’s song perfectly stimulates these nostalgic emotions.

Many fans agree that Jin’s song is perfect for the show, saying that it gives people a warm feeling in their chest and is a song that has the ability to calm people down, just like how pets do. Fans are excited to watch the show, which will start airing on July 25, Thursday, on 10:05 PM KST.

Source: Naver