BTS’s Jungkook Was Just Spotted Looking Very Modern in a Korean “Hanbok”

He took unique airport fashion to a whole new level.

BTS was recently spotted at Gimpo International Airport on their way to Osaka, Japan for their LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF world tour.

As a result, a crazy number of fans gathered at the airport to check out BTS’s airport fashion, and Jungkook drew particular attention by showing up in a modern “hanbok”.

On this morning, Jungkook dressed in a matching top and bottom of a grey modern hanbok that made him look very comfortable.

The hanbok that he decided to wear was quite simple, so he managed to pull it off perfectly in his own way.

Despite being fully covered in the hanbok and mask, his handsome features couldn’t be hidden.

What added to his unique airport fashion was the fact that he didn’t wear any makeup or accessories, which went perfectly with his vintage look.

With all the clothes that are available to him, Jungkook’s choice of wearing a modern hanbok to the airport just goes to show what an original fashion sense he has and proves that he really can literally pull off anything.

Source: Insight