BTS’s Jungkook Is Still A Baby…Because The BigHit Staff Says So

The “Run BTS!” editors agree with ARMY 100%.

BTS‘s Jungkook is 21 years old, but he hasn’t lost his child-like charms…or his baby cheeks?


In the latest episode of Run BTS!, the editors just couldn’t stop squeeing over this “baby’s” cuteness. Filming happened just four days after Jungkook had his wisdom teeth removed, so they just had to point out how adorable he looked with puffy cheeks.


When Jin called the K-Drama line “let’s go, baby”, he immediately looked at Jungkook…


…and the editors confirmed that, yes, Jungkook is, in fact, the baby.


These hilarious captions referred to Jungkook as “the baby” several times throughout the episode…


…and, really, who can blame them?