No One Knows Why Jungkook Did This At The BBMAs, But Fans Have Theories

During the Billboard Music Awards, cameras captured a hilarious Jungkook moment.

At the Billboard Music Awards, BTS‘s Jungkook made fans laugh by doing something that is just so Jungkook.


On May 1, BTS attended the BBMAs as guest performers and the winners of the “Top Social Artist” and “Top Duo/Group” awards. Throughout the night, the members gave fans many memorable moments on stage, off stage, and on the red carpet, but this Jungkook moment probably wasn’t intentional.


When Juice WRLD went up to accept the award for “Top New Artist”, a panning camera caught Jungkook running away at full speed!


It happened so quickly that only the most eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed it.


Jungkook was most likely running to the washroom, but these fan theories are far more entertaining than the truth.


So ends another chapter in the “Jungkook disappearing at awards shows” saga!